Die vielleicht größte Snapback Cap der Welt und BigBrains' meistgesuchter Hut

Perhaps the world's largest snapback cap and BigBrains' most wanted hat

The new year starts at BigBrains with two new caps.
We make the beginning with our new black Snapback Cap.

Maybe the biggest snapback cap in the world

Since BigBrains started selling the first caps almost exactly one year ago, we have been getting messages that our snapback and baseball caps are still too small.

The messages came from different directions. Sometimes from people with afro hair or dreadlocks, sometimes from companies who wanted to add a safety device to the caps for occupational safety. But many simply have a very large head and still want to be able to wear a suitable cap.

As a brand and online store that has actually specialized exactly in this niche, I could not let this sit on me.

Our new black snapback cap is therefore available in two different sizes. The smaller of the two sizes is roughly oriented to the other caps, hats and caps from our range. For most thick heads, this is already perfectly adequate.
The XXXL version, on the other hand, is more or less the maximum we could make. In the largest setting, the cap should fit a head circumference of up to 70 cm.

BigBrains' most wanted hat

As you surely know this store is just a little hobby and side project of mine. Mainly I wanted to get myself suitable headgear to see if maybe other people are looking for extra large caps.

Since I have my personal demand now well covered with my own stock, I am of course always interested in your feedback. The feedback comes in through very different channels. Whether by email contact form, social media or via our surveys after the purchase.

Another exciting tool to see which products interest you is to evaluate the search terms of the online store. This can be evaluated which words are entered in the search on the website.

Throughout calendar year 2022, this was a combination of several phrases for "oversized bucket hat".

Unfortunately, the hat took a little longer to develop, but the result was worth the wait. Our new denim bucket hat wears well, isn't too warm or heavy, and at the same time is tear resistant and high quality made.

You can already take a closer look at our new lids on the product pages or get an overview of the entire range.

I'm also looking forward to the second year of BigBrains, it's going to be glorious.

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