Bild mit Partyhut und Konfetti um die Neuerungen im BigBrains Co. Onlineshop zu feiern.

Welcome to BigBrains Co. 2.0!

Carbon offsetting, internationalization, faster website, review function: Welcome to BigBrains Co. 2.0!

Even if things have gotten a little quieter around us in the last few weeks, that doesn't mean that we've just been lazy.
Today we're back with a small update on all the major new features of the BigBrains Co. online shop.
We can anticipate one thing: We will also finally get more products in the next month. There will be a new XXL trucker cap and an outdoor hat for big heads. More details will come in mid/end of July.

Carbon Offsetting:

The aspect of sustainability plays a major role for us. However, we want to deal with it honestly and transparently. What we don't want is "greenwashing", where we distinguish ourselves with supposed values that we don't actually meet.
We produce in Asia, our caps are not necessarily "organic" or "eco". Nevertheless, of course we take measures such as reducing packaging waste, treating our suppliers' employees fairly, and working on constantly improving our processes.

Part of these measures is the carbon offsetting (CO2 compensation) of our deliveries. We have our deliveries with us from the start DHL GoGreen Shipped CO2 neutral. It's nice that DHL GoGreen has now almost become an industry standard, but the 1-2 cents they collect per order aren't enough for us.

The so-called "Planet-App" from Shopify. You may have already seen it on the product pages of our extra large caps, beanies and hats: We have a new banner there that informs about the CO2-neutral shipping.
At Planet, strictly speaking, we not only pay for carbon offsetting, but also for a positive carbon footprint of our delivery. Of the three plans available there, we support the "Millennium Plan", the largest possible plan.
The amount actually donated depends on the distance between our location (near Hanover) and your delivery address. At the end of the year we can then publish an overview of how much CO2 in kg has been compensated.
The money collected goes to the "Shopify Sustainability Fund". Funding a pot of companies working on innovative technologies to remove CO2 from our atmosphere and store it for centuries.

In addition, we offer the payment method in the checkout Shop Pay on. Shop Pay is not only super easy and quick to use, it also offsets all the CO2 that is caused by an eCommerce delivery with this payment method.

That means in plain language: If you order an XXL cap from BigBrains Co. and pay with Shop Pay, your delivery will be the same triple CO2 balanced. This creates a significantly positive CO2 balance for your order.


We are incredibly grateful for your positive feedback on our shop over the past few months. An important step to further increase and improve BigBrains is to offer an international version of the online shop. Therefore we have now translated our shop into English. Via the menu in the header (on mobile devices it may be hidden in the side menu) and in the footer you can now easily switch between German and English and your Oversize caps can now also be ordered multilingual. :)

Admittedly, the English side isn't perfect yet, so we'll be fine-tuning it a bit over the next few weeks.

Faster site:

The most striking innovation is the new design of our website. This actually has more technical reasons than anything else. The new design is massively faster than the old one, which is why our loading times have improved significantly. This not only improves your shopping experience, it also allows us to continue to grow in the future.


Recently, we have now also added a review function to our shop. You can tell openly and honestly what you think of your oversized cap / hat / hat via the product reviews.
After a purchase you will receive a short email with a link to rate the products. If you decide to do this, you will then receive one as a small thank you individual discount code for your next purchase.
Please use the same email address that you used for your original purchase. You will receive a link to confirm your rating (double opt-in procedure) at this address. Your e-mail address is of course not publicly visible on the site.

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