Portrait von Niklas Hermsdorf mit grauer BigBrains Co. XXL Snapback Cappie vor einer Grafitti Wand.

About BigBrains Co.

How I came to start a plus size fashion brand for XXL caps

BigBrains Co. is a clothing label that sells extra large caps for those who don't fit one size fits all or one size fits most. This blog post goes into the background of why I decided to start BigBrains Co., what problems we solve and what else you can expect in the future.


In the summer of 2021, during the Covid lockdown, I found my enthusiasm for a new hobby: stand-up paddling. However, the joy of the new hobby was overshadowed by the constant worry about my headgear, which I didn't want to get dirty. Because of the larger size of my head, it was always a challenge for me to find caps that fit. The few I owned I didn't want to get sweaty or even lose.
That's how I ended up starting an online store that specializes in plus size headwear. Our store is a place where quality and form meet to deliver headwear that fits all shapes and sizes.
Today, I'm much more relaxed when I'm playing sports or even paddling, because I always know where to get a new cap when one gets too worn out.

Basic Problem: Why does it need BigBrains Co.?

  • Most caps come in one size. These one size fits all are too small for me, a 1.97m person with a proportional head.
  • Other online shops or brands usually only give unreliable size information. You often don't find out how big the cap actually is. The customer buys the notorious "pig in a poke".
  • BigBrains like myself always have to wear standard caps on the last step of the snapback mechanism. This tears or breaks the plastic of the closure more quickly and the cap becomes unusable. 
Niklas Hermsdorf trägt die bunte oversize Fivepanel Cap von BigBrains Co. Im Hintergrund sind mehrere Kräne.

Target audience: Who is BigBrains Co. for?

Basically, BigBrains Co. is of course aimed at all people regardless of gender, age, origin, etc.
Through my research, however, a few target groups have emerged that particularly need "caps for big heads".

Die XXL Trucker Cap von BigBrains liegt auf einem Baumstamm.

Tall people. As mentioned at the beginning, I am 1.97 m tall myself. Just like I wear a larger shoe size, I also need an XXL cap for men.

People with thick hair or special hairstyles. I don't have a lot of hair on my head myself, but I know that some people have thicker or thicker hair than others. Congenitally thick hair or choice hairstyles should not limit the choice of headgear available.

People with large heads. Okay, this point should be obvious, but I've spoken to many friends who are of average height and have had negative experiences shopping for caps.

Ein Mann sitzt auf einem Geländer einer Brücke. Er trägt die extragroße oversize Snapback Cap von BigBrains Co.

Solution: How BigBrains Co. can help you.

Even though many brands don't openly state their size, I can tell you that in most cases they assume an "average head" with a head circumference of 58 cm. With our caps, you can always find the adjustable, available sizes directly on the respective product pages. So you know straight away whether the cap will fit you and don't have to expect any nasty surprises when unpacking or giving it away.

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