Nahaufnahme, ein Mann hält die extragroße blaue Baseball Cap und die XXL Snapback Cap von BigBrains Co. in seiner Hand, neben seiner Hüfte.

How do we measure the size of our caps?

This is how you find the right cap for you

The main advantage (and reason for founding) of BigBrains Co. was that the average caps were too small for me personally. In addition, it is often difficult to find the right dimensions in other online shops.
That's why at BigBrains Co. we specialize in caps and hats for big heads (XL-XXL). In addition, we also want to be as transparent as possible and give you the best possible, exact dimensions of our products.

In this blog post, I explain how we measure our products and how the information in our product descriptions comes about.

A notice: We currently manufacture our products in very small quantities. Therefore, there can unfortunately always be slight differences between individual batches, so that the dimensions cannot always be exact. We have always done our best to work as precisely as possible, as a rule of thumb, we still recommend to be on the safe side and assume that our caps tend to be slightly larger.

Our measurements and sizes for caps:

Grafische Darstellung eines menschlichen Kopfs aus drei Perspektiven (von der linken und rechten Seite, sowie von vorne). Auf den Köpfen sind sind der Kopfumfang mit einem blauen Pfeil nachgezeichnet und die Entfernung von Ohr zu Ohr über den Schädel mit einem grünen Kreis. Mit diesen Maßen bestimmen wir die Größen unserer oversize Caps bei BigBrains Co.

Dimension A (highlighted in blue in the graphic above) shows the head circumference.
Dimension B (highlighted in green in the graphic above) shows the dimension "ear to ear" over the head.

Bild zeigt die größte und kleinste Einstellung der bunten BigBrains Co. XL Fivepanel Cap für große Köpfe.

As you have probably already noticed, we give it head circumference of our oversize caps always in a range of 5 cm. This is due to the adjustable snapback mechanism on the back of the cap. We always measure the smallest setting (all pins are filled) and the largest value (two pins are filled).

Maßband liegt auf einer zusammengefalteten extragroßen XL Fivepanel Cap von BigBrains Co. Es wird das Maß "von Ohr zu Ohr" genommen.

We measure the "ear to ear" dimension for our extra large caps when folded (see picture above). This measurement ensures that the fabric has enough coverage for your head and that the cap does not sit too high on the head.

Bild zeigt die extragroße XL Fivepanel Cap von BigBrains Co. im zusammengefalteten Zustand. Neben der Cap steht ein Gliedermaßstab ("Zollstock").

Finally, for some products, we indicate the height of the cap. However, this measurement is the least reliable, as it depends very much on how the fabric is standing or on the shape of the head of the person concerned. You will therefore usually only find this measurement further down in the product descriptions of our caps and hats for large heads.

Conclusion: With our dimensions, we try to give you the necessary information with which you can find the ideal cap that suits you. If you are still unsure, you are of course welcome to contact us at any time. And now have fun browsing!

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