Unsere neuen Sommercaps für Dickschädel

Our new summer caps for the big-headed

Hey all you big-headed beauties out there! We've got some exciting news that will turn your world upside down, or at least, comfortably cover it. We have just launched our new line of oversize caps - the Oversize Baseball Cap and the Oversize Trucker Cap.

Let's start with the first gem from this collection - the Oversize Baseball Cap. This cap is quite literally the 'big' news you've been waiting for. Crafted from high-quality dark grey denim fabric, it's a rugged accessory that adds a dash of style to your everyday wear. And when we say 'fit', we mean it. With an adjustable metal clasp and strap at the back, it's specially designed for those who sport sizes XL to XXL. And let's not forget the woven BigBrains patch at the front - a bold statement of your preference for quality, style, and a little extra brain room.

Next up is the Oversize Trucker Cap, a cap that's as vibrant as it is voluminous. This light-blue wonder, with a white front side and a red rubber BigBrains patch, is a treat for the eyes and a solace for the big heads. Made from durable polyester, it promises longevity and style hand-in-hand. Its velcro strap at the back ensures a snug fit for sizes XL to XXL, while the unique rubber patch at the front lets you wear your 'big brain' literally on your cap. It's an accessory that's funny, charming, and perfect for the summer!

What's more?

These caps aren't just for a season or two. They're your year-round companions. Whether you're shielding from the summer sun or adding panache to your winter ensemble, these caps have got you covered. Literally!

So, if you're someone who's always struggled with finding the right size cap, your search ends here. With BigBrains Co.'s new line of oversize caps, you can finally find a cap that fits your head and your personality. So, go ahead, embrace your big head and let it shine with BigBrains Co. It's time to celebrate the beauty of being big-brained!

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