Zwei extragroße Beanie Mützen von BigBrains Co. liegen auf einer Grasoberfläche.

BigBrains need Beanie Hats

Even big heads don't want to freeze...

...that's why we now have hats in our range.

We start with our stylish, blue beanie hat, which not only keeps your head comfortable and warm, but also looks good at the same time.

The hat is made of 45% cotton and 55% acrylic. This material offers a balanced mix of comfort and ease of care. With the deliberately minimalist pattern and design, it goes with every outfit. A small, simple "BGBRNS" logo on imitation suede is attached to the collar of the hat.

Of course, we also remain true to our motto when it comes to hats and focus on headgear for big heads. With a width of 26cm, our new beanie is larger than average knit hats, which only offer 24-25cm width. Of course, the fabric can also be stretched, so that the hat is really suitable for us and our target group. In our experience, our XXL beanie hats and caps are mainly aimed at boys and men because of their size, but of course we're also happy about all the other big brains out there, regardless of gender.

The bluish beanie hat is the beginning of the expansion of our product portfolio throughout 2022. Stay tuned for more exciting news.