Die extragroße Fivepanel Cap von BigBrains liegt auf einer Steinplatte. Im Hintergrund ist grünes Gewächs.

Ideal for summer: Our new XXL Fivepanel Cap

It has taken quite some time, but today we can finally present you our new cap. Our new dark green Fivepanel cap is simple, plain and light. For the first time we used a strap for size adjustment in this model, instead of the usual snapback mechanism.

Features of the new XXL Fivepanel cap

Ideal for warm weather

The new XXL Fivepanel cap is designed for warm weather, making it perfect for hot summer days. The cap is lightweight and snug, allowing air to circulate and to keep your head cool. Two vents on both sides also provide some ventilation.

Extra large size

Finding a cap that fits comfortably on a large head can be a challenge. The new dark green Fivepanel cap solves that problem with its extra large size. It comfortably fits a head circumference of 60 - 65 cm.

Comfortable adjustability

The strap and metal closure on the back of the cap make it easy to adjust the size smoothly, so you get the perfect fit.

Fashionable design

The cap is not only functional, but also fashionable. The dark green color is stylish and versatile, while the black woven patch with the "BGBRNS" logo adds a touch of sophistication. No matter the occasion, this cap will surely complement your outfit.


If you're looking for a comfortable, adjustable and fashionable cap designed for warm weather and ideal for people with big heads, our new cap is a great choice. Its extra-large size, comfortable adjustability and stylish design make it an essential accessory for any wardrobe.


  1. What is the size range of the new dark green fivepanel cap?
    The mould for the cap was designed for a head size of 63 cm. Due to the size adjustment on the back, we recommend it for a head circumference of 60 - 65 cm.
  2. Is the new XXL Fivepanel cap adjustable?
    Yes, the cap has a strap, as well as a metal closure on the back, which allows you to adjust the size continuously as you like.
  3. What color is the new Fivepanel cap?
    The cap is dark green. In many pictures, the cap looks more brownish. This always has something to do with the light and the respective weather conditions.
  4. What material is the new XXL Fivepanel cap made out of?
    The material of a is very soft and light cotton.
  5. What other features does the new Fivepanel cap have?
    The cap has a black woven patch with the "BGBRNS" logo on the front. In addition, there are two eyelets on each side to keep your thick head cool even at higher temperatures.

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